LALA V-Camp is an intensive virtual leadership program that provides the tools, community support, and training needed for profound social and personal transformation. Through a series of interactive MasterClasses designed by our world-class staff (alums from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Kennedy School of Government), you will explore powerful evidence-based frameworks and practices, develop high-impact career skills, and gain entry into a network of hundreds of renowned change-makers throughout the region.

What to expect?


Develop your public
storytelling skills

Learn best

practices of how
to build a community from a distance

Become part of the leading
youth leadership
in Latin America


social innovation
and practices

Access a global network
of social impact

Improve your

social-emotional learning



How is it

like to 

attend a


In 2021, LALA will hold two different V-Camps


Check the cards below for more information regarding dates, language, and programming.

V-Camp in Portuguese
Programming Schedule

From January 11th to 17th, 2021

Jan 11th: Welcoming/Opening

Jan 12th:

Relationship Building

Jan 13th:


Jan 14th:



Jan 15th:


Network Tracking

Jan 16th:

Planning & Office Hours

Jan 17th:

Final Presentations & Closing

11am to 1:30pm & 4pm to 7pm (Brazil Time)

11am to 1:30pm & 4pm to 7pm (Brazil Time)

11am to 1:30pm & 4pm to 7pm (Brazil Time)

11am to 1:30pm & 4pm to 7pm (Brazil Time)

11am to 1:30pm & 4pm to 7pm (Brazil Time)

11am to 1:30pm & 4pm to 7pm (Brazil Time)

11am to 1:30pm & 4pm to 7pm (Brazil Time)

V-Camp in English
Programming Schedule

From February 6th to 28th, 2021

The V-Camp in English will have 4 full-time weekends with mandatory activities happening from 11 AM to 1:30 PM BRT,  then returning at 4 PM and finishing at 7 PM BRT. There are also going to happen a few activities throughout the weeks, which are optional.


Feb 6th & 7th: 


Feb 8th-12th:

Meetups & Office Hours & Other Events

Feb 13th & 14th:

Storytelling & Problem Understanding

Feb 15th-19th:

Meetups & Office Hours & Other Events

Feb 20th & 21st

Connecting & Planning/Goal Setting

Feb 22th-26th:

Meetups & Office Hours & Other Events

Feb 27th & 28th:

Final Shares & Closing

11am to 1:30pm & 4pm to 7pm (Brazil Time)

2-4 hours of weekly events

11am to 1:30pm & 4pm to 7pm (Brazil Time)

2-4 hours of weekly events

11am to 1:30pm & 4pm to 7pm (Brazil Time)

2-4 hours of weekly events

11am to 1:30pm & 4pm to 7pm (Brazil Time)

What are V-CAMPERS saying?


We know the V-Camp experience might be different from anything you have participated in the past, but fear not! Check out testimonials from a few V-Campers:

"My LALA V-Camp experience as a coach impacted me more than I could have ever thought, especially living in times where a global pandemic took over and changed the lives of everyoneI would have never imagined that I would connect so deeply with people through a series of video calls for a week and feel like I have known them forever. The love and power of LALA come through everywhere, and it was so amazing to experience being one of the first people to receive its love through a screen thanks to technology. It proves to me that the LALA love never leaves you and, honestly, after the V-Camps, I feel it stronger than ever!"

Ivanka Leporowski

Guatemala City

"The most beautiful thing by far that has ever happened to me was LALA. After LALA, I felt like I was not only truly connected to incredible people whom I get to call friends now but also to myself in a way I had never been before; the camp was a turning point for me to see the person I want to become and how much social impact has to deal with that person. For the first time in years, I was in love with my future and the things I’m capable of doing, and the people I’m able to help."


Laura Tonso

São Paulo, Brazil

"I always say that LALA for me is a revolution in education, and the virtual camps program proved my point like never before. V-Camps brought incredible opportunities for connections with people who, due to geographic and financial limitations, I wouldn't be able to meet if it wasn't for the virtual meetings. The sense of belonging and safeness was incessantly present, and I always felt supported and welcomed by the smiles in each camera, conversations in the chat, and shoutouts to incredible signs of progress that were taking place. Every day after each session I felt empowered to create a positive impact in society, which meant applying what I had learned while helping my sister to do her homework, or while reaching out to a leader whom I met over the day because of LALA."

Maria Isabel Dias

São Paulo, Brazil


V-Camp Costs & Financial Aid

- USD 500.00 (five hundred dollars);

- BRT 2.500,00 (two thousand and five hundred reais);

- COP 1,800,000.00 (one million and eight hundred thousand pesos);

- PEN 1.800,00 (one thousand and eight hundred Peruvian soles).

As a non-profit organization, we have very limited resources, but close to 70% of students who attend our V-Camps receive some sort of financial support. We do not have full scholarships available for V-Camps and we do expect students to fundraise in case they do not receive all the scholarship that they need, most of our students have done fundraising in the past and we believe it is a valuable experience for the students. We also provide fundraising support for those interested in it. We do not want your financial situation to be a barrier for you to attend the V-Camp, so we will do our best to support you in any way we can. 

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