We Are Hiring!

We are launching a global search for our first Chief Operating Officer and we need your help. We need your nominations and subtle winks about exceptional operators we should talk to. Or, if you think you are the perfect fit for what we are looking for, send us your CV!

LALA is about to take off: continental scale; multiple programs; non-profit + market-based business model; exciting volunteer- and partnership-heavy model; super lean and scalable model; a product that clients can’t stop talking about; exciting impact short-term and potential for dramatic long-term impact.

We need an Operations leader to build the rocketship. Can you think of someone with a profile like this?

1. Operating and managerial experience with exceptional results (must-have)

2. Proven overriding sense of purpose around social innovation, education (must-have) and Latin America (pretty important)

3. Fluent English + Spanish and/or Portuguese (pretty important)

4. Ex-IB/Consulting/Private Equity (useful proxy; not a must)

5. Top MBA (useful proxy; not a must)

Here you can find more details on what we are looking for, what we do and what we expect of our COO. If you know someone who would fit this profile, please e-mail Daniel.Velilla@somosLALA.org with names/LinkedIn profiles/intros. If you are interested in applying to the job, please send your CV directly to Daniel.Velilla@somosLALA.org.

This is a top LALA priority - If we fall in love with and hire your nominee, I will invite you to one of our Bootcamps or to stay in Medellin with me for a week. If you cover your flight, we’ll cover everything else!

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