Our First Major Crowdfunding Campaign!

At Latin American Leadership Academy, we count on the help of hundreds of people at every moment. Without them, the change that we are already making in Latin America couldn’t be possible.

This amazing group of LALA’s friends supported our latest crowdfunding campaign, making it a success, bringing not only financial resources, but also new friends to our network. More and more people are engaging with our cause: empowering the most-promising young leaders from Latin America. Now, we count on them, and you, for what’s coming.

On November 27th, we joined the global #GivingTuesday movement to launch our crowdfunding campaign. We aimed to raise our 2019 Scholarship Fund, in order to accept the most talented young leaders from Latin America, who are working on their communities' biggest problems, regardless of their ability to pay.

Lucas Giannini raised $1,750 through his personal fundraising campaign.

Our goal was to collect US$ 100,000 in less than a month. Thanks to an incredible storytelling effort and with the help of our amazing fundraisers team, we exceeded 50% of our goal! Fundraisers like Maria Fernanda Sierra and Lucas Giannini raised more than US$4,000 alone.

Hitting the US$ 50,000 mark wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Efrusy Family Foundation, as they granted us a US$ 25,000 matching gift. Their matching gift reassures our responsibility to work hard every day to change the future of Latin America. It also allows us to put our sight into new and bigger challenges.

Now, 2019 lies ahead full of hope and commitment. With our current Bootcamp Season finishing in February, we will have run Bootcamps in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. Our 2019 Scholarship Fund will allow us to find the next 145 Latin American young leaders. We want each year that passes to be the best, and for 2019 we need your help.

This year will launch our Recurring Donations campaign for those of you who wish to contribute to LALA monthly. Your recurring support will enable us to run LALA smoothly throughout the year, giving us more predictable cashflows. Funds will strengthen our Scholarship Fund for 2019 and support our operational expenses. It will allow us to admit the highest-potential young leaders regardless of their ability to pay, and will enable us to continue building up the team that makes LALA happen.

Maria Fernanda Sierra raised $2,429 through her personal fundraising campaign.

Our Recurring Donations feature will be friendly with your finances, allowing you to join our movement with a commitment that is at once meaningful to you and where you can easily set up how much you want to donate monthly. We also hope this feature will allow us to build a relationship more naturally –rather than joining the dozens of non-profits asking you for donations at the end of the year!

If you want to be part of the amazing people who support our work and want to empower the next generation of Latin American changemakers –and not leaving our destiny to chance-, please become a recurring donor here.

Big thanks to all who donated and believed in our cause during our #GivingTuesday crowdfunding campaign!

by Daniel Velilla, Communications Intern.

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