Meet CLB 2017 Alumni, Lucas Scherpel

Actualizado: 12 de ago de 2018

Lucas, a CLB alumni, shares more about his post-bootcamp experience below.

Thanks to LALA I was able to meet the founders of Low Carbon City, a company that fosters projects that confront climate change and other environmental issues. We got in touch during the bootcamp and I had the opportunity to talk about the urban forestry project that I was doing in Brazil.They became interested in the app I was developing, and now I’m one of the company’s ambassadors.

After the bootcamp , I came back to Brazil with an amazing positive energy. I started exploring way more exchange and social programs. That positive energy drove me to start developing my newest project: Vençapp.

Vençapp is a free mobile app with one ambitious goal: to teach people how to become more sustainable solely through games and challenges. The idea is simple: the app has 50 daily games and challenges that are divided into three topics: “Love and Friendship’, “Environmental Awareness”, and “Education and Studies”.Those challenges teach the user self-awareness, empathy towards their communities, how to focus on studies and work, and how to become more eco-friendly. The app has already launched for Android devices and I’m hoping to continue working on it for a long time!

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