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our dream is to inspire an education revolution in latin america.

By using LALA as both a funnel for global best practices and an opportunity for experimentation, we hope to elevate the education level in the region, sharing our best practices with local institutions.  


Through global partnerships with world-class institutions, we compile methodologies, best practices, and the latest educational material to develop a top-notch curriculum for our students.

Experiment, iterate, learn

At LALA, we experiment, evaluate, and iterate, learning what works best with students​ in the region.

share and influence

Based on what we learned, we package and share our know-how across the region, influencing education and values at scale.

LALA offers a different type of education.

"Every day at university I feel upset because I keep thinking about [LALA's] atmosphere and different methodologies of learning and how it could be really better if they were applied in our education system"

68% of bootcamp participants rated LALA as "better than any other learning experience I've had"

"Before the bootcamp, I did not know a lot about design thinking and all those used methodologies for the creation of innovative projects focused on social causes."

education allies, 

let's do this together!

Help us find the highest potential students in the region, gain acess to our insights, and work with us to transform the educational landscape in Latin America.

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