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Life in Medellín

Why Medellin?

Living spaces and life skills

  • We aim to prepare you to take ownership of your own life. You will share apartments and create co-living arrangements with your peers to create a microcosm of a beautiful culture and society.

  • To make this experience fun and safe, we will live in Provenza, the safest neighborhood in Medellín and one of the most modern spaces in the region. You will live in a wonderful environment that you will feel proud to care for.

  • By deliberately practicing life skills in community you will leave LALA with essential interpersonal skills that will support your personal growth.

independent work

  • Inaugural Cohort participants will have the opportunity to participate in a range of practical, entrepreneurial and professional capacity-building experiences.

  • All students will co-construct with their LALA coaches a parallel work-study-life skills program. For example, students may play residential leadership duties, volunteer at a local non-profit, do remote online work, and so on.

safety at lala

Safety of our students, faculty and staff is our biggest priority. All residences where our students live will have security. We will insist on contractual obligations that will organize travel and curfew norms. And scholars and parents will have access to faculty and staff in the event of urgent communication.


Medellín has eight of the best hospitals in Latin America: facilities with world-class infrastructure and personnel, at a much lower cost found elsewhere. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks Colombia’s health system as #22 out of 191 countries it ranked. This is ahead of Germany (#25), Canada (#30), Australia (#32) and the United States (#37). Furthermore, no countries in Latin America were ranked better than Colombia by WHO in terms of health systems. (source: )

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